Whois fUSION Anomaly? A late blogger’s lament for a haunted internet

Now has to be as good time as any for my next post.

OK, maybe now is really not a good time ...

OK, maybe now is really not a good time …

As my paper on Jodo was dragging on in a temperamental replication of the man himself, and in lieu of those more weighty posts on THE NAMES, I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t write until I remembered what a friend of mine had re-posted a few weeks ago:

A No Excuses Guide to Blogging (PDF, EPUB, MOBI – free!); also, notes on publishing

Sacha Chua’s No Excuses Guide to Blogging

So I’ll write about what I don’t know even has an answer – the state of the internet today. And because there appeared already to be an answer to that question, I picked on something my own size, i.e. in part, why:

The State of the Web, Winter 2011-2013 - The Oatmeal

Even with the jarring effect of that final Latin phrase, it probably didn’t even take you 15 seconds to read this silently …

 Maybe it’s not so weird to see that GIFs are making a comeback (because Vine etc). Now, I’m not ashamed to say I came to internet adulthood during the rise and fall of the last great age of the GIF, the late 90s to the mid-to-late 2000s – you know, with the feeling of having your mind blown by RSS and when WordPress was still mysterious; seeing Bloglines go and Google Reader come (and feeling the Google Rage as it went).  When the viridian design of Worldchanging was still relevant; Boing Boing still looked mostly onomatopoeic, and the best blogs were written by smart people who posted whatever was interesting to them. Cool Tools abounded. The goofy literate UFO weirdness of (saying) Brainsturbator. When Huge Entity was still, well, huge. When 10 Zen Monkeys was reporting from the countercultural underground; and Rigorous Intuition was the countercultural underground.

But somehow until recently I’d missed GIF-tastic fUSION Anomaly, “Atomjack’s nodebased memetic flowchart on Indra’s Net”:

a.k.a what Wikipedia would have looked like if it was designed in an alternate universe where the institutions of modern science never felt the need to keep Isaac Newton’s Secret secret.

And, as for some reason it’s impossible to access the website from the home page, fUSION Anomaly. Go ahead, click the links and then keep clicking: I dare you not to have an internet party getting lost down that warren of rabbit holes. You won’t regret it and I’ll be right here waiting for you …

<time passes>

Welcome back! You’ve changed … Surprisingly, search turns up little in the way of information on the site: just two blog posts, plus one great review on tech news site Geekosystems, ‘fUSION Anomaly: The Secret, Ancient, Bizarro World Wikipedia‘ which will help you navigate through the tangle of indecipherable incestuously conspiratorial hyperlinks that seem impossibly dated (hey, just like Wikipedia!).

But what would be the point of doing that? I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it now, but it certainly wasn’t through StumbleUpon. When it comes to today’s web, where’s the serendipity? That 90s/00s Net had so much serendipity …

But the real jewel in this fractal crown reminded me of the reason I wanted to blog in the first place – the fUSION Anomalog, a real and active WordPress blog which trades in strange pictures and GIFs like it was a Tumblr, but most of which are not just reposts from thisisnthappiness.com.

I don’t think my obsession with this blog can be put down purely to nostalgia, but more that it haunts me as a possible sign of ‘the sense of atemporality that underpins our present culture‘. 

So as much as I love the mystery, I want to put out a plea for help and a call to action to my 19 fellow readers in Feedly and the whole internets: whois fUSION Anomaly?

And also tell me, internet: who runs the fUSION Anomalog?

All I know that might narrow it down is that they seem knowledgable enough about contemporary Australia and UFOs to be living in or be an expat from the Northern Territory in a way a non-Texan American would find difficult.

I want the internet to find ‘Atomjack’ because as the blog posts are all devoid of username, with comments disabled, and provide no context to what the hell it is we’ve been wading through, I’d like to ask:

  • Why do they blog at all, when all the conventions and customary advantages of the weblog format aren’t being used?
  • Does a blog need a clear purpose?
  • Why isn’t Tumblr their natural haunt?

But most of all I want to be able to thank them not only for all the obscure animated gifs:

Yes, that is an animated gif of a Vine of a video of a flipbook of an animated gif of a rollercoaster

Yes, that is an animated gif of a Vine of a video of a flipbook of an animated gif of a rollercoaster…

But also for allowing us all to to be GIF-ted, i.e., steal from them without the possibility of attribution – while being myself stolen:

... by the Great Poke and Swipe - after all, we are property ...

… by the Great Poke and Swipe – after all, we are property …

At any rate, if you can’t tell me who they are, you can always subscribe to them. It would almost make up for your ignorance. And because ‘you are what you cache’, and unlike Atomjack, I look forward to you commenting yourselves into existence below, and perhaps a brave soul will attempt to answer the questions posed by the existence of a blogger who publishes an ‘anti-blog’.


6 thoughts on “Whois fUSION Anomaly? A late blogger’s lament for a haunted internet

  1. Fusionanomaly.net/anomalog2 is the blog from the site which continues. It is an NSA front, a Psy-Ops operation similar to Mk-Ultra.

  2. Hello,

    Just noticed this post. You don’t have to look too hard. The nexus is permanently morphing.


    There are other hangouts that are fed bits from the anomalog.

    If you are familiar with fUSION’s existence, and those associate sites, then you are probably – or should be – aware of deoxy, a comprehensive collection of similar subjects. More or less an internet ghost, but a fun collection to chase down all the same.

    As to your main questions, why not?

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  5. I was just as intrigued, when i first discovered this website about 4 years ago.. As a matter of fact the home page if you pressed ‘Ctrl+a’ (select all) revealed Terence Mckenna’s famous words ‘History ends in green’.. This was up until the end of 2012.. Now it says this:
    fUSION Anomaly [period/full stop]
    unite by one
    divide by zero
    Still i wonder who could be behind this awesome website and why it exists. There are obviously no ads or pop ups so the purpose is not to make money off of it.. and for its time there is some really obscure information available only for one’s who can truly use it. Whoever’s behind it.. i love them.. and i love the way you described it.. ‘what Wikipedia would have looked like if it was designed in an alternate universe’.. so all i can say is let’s just keep on digging till we get there…

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